The Nancy Kissel Case - Part 8

From the Chinese-language media:

(Photo: The Sun)

(The Sun)  The Kissels' Filipina maid Maximina Padrid Macaraeg testified that on the afternoon of November 2, 2003, Nancy Kissel asked her to bring the children out to play in the park.  In the parking lot, she encountered Robert Kissel on his way home.  She borrowed his watch in order to make sure that she brings the children home on time.  At the time, Robert Kissel told her to take good care of the children.  She did not see Robert Kissel afterwards.  When Robert Kissel did not appear that evening, Nancy explained that he had gone to bed.

Another female friend Suzara Serquina testified that the defendant Nancy Kissel left her a message on November 6 on a matter of urgency.  When she called the next day, Nancy Kissel said that she had some family matters to take care of and therefore had to ask her friend to take over her voluntary work at the International School.  Later, she went to Nancy Kissel's home and saw that she was distressed.  She also observed many packing boxes there.

(Photo: Apple Daily)

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