The Nancy Kissel Case - Part 5

It should have been simple -- the reporter shows up at court, takes of the proceedings and files a report.  How different can it be among reporters?

From Sing Pao:

The court heard a written testimony from the New York Life Insurance Company.  The company stated that the deceased Robert Kissel had purchased three insurance policies to the amount of US$5 million, with the beneficiary being the defendant Nancy Kissel.  The insurance company wrote that under normal circumstances, it will not disclose to the beneficiary that she is a beneficiarcy.  If there should be an instance in which the insured should be killed by the beneficiary, the insurance will notify the estate executor and then act according to American law.

From Sing Tao (print edition):

Private detective Rocco Gatta testified in court and showed surveillance video tapes.  He said that during the surveillance period, he observed a van arriving at Nancy Kissel's house more than once.  The myterious visitor stayed until midnight and then drove off with the headlights off.  The identity of the visitor is unknown.  He said that he looked up the license plate and determined that it belonged to the video repair shop where Michael del Priore worked.

The key point of this last report is that "the identity of the visitor is unknown" and it will be up to the jury to infer that it was Michael del Priore.

(photos: Rocco Gatta; Jane Kissel Clayton and dad.  Credit: Sing Pao)

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