A Cockroach in Taiwan

More snarky material here on democracy as practiced in Taiwan.  This one is truly pathetic.  Try convincing mainland China that this kind of democracy is the best way to go!

Why do these things happen?  Politicians get elected in Taiwan by winning popularity contests, and that requires high name recognition.  Therefore, they are compulsively addicted to find ways of staying in the media limelight.  They will make a sensationalistic charge and accuse the government of sins of commission and omission, and they will take some shortcuts (and even big cuts) to make the charge stick while anticipating no repercussions if the charge should be proven false.

This present case is an example of the worst of the worst.  In the end, there will be those who say that the system worked because the truth came out.  But the system certainly did not work for those restaurants whose business suffered due to the unsubstantiated blanket charge.  While some of the media did raise doubts about the story, most of them gladly took the story and ran with it to the full tilt.  The main culprit here was also simultaneously a Taipei city councilor and a television program host, which was the combination of the worst with the worst.

Chronology of Events (Apple Daily mostly, but also bits and pieces from more than two hundred other media articles)