An Incident in Shanghai

A woman jumps off a building in Shanghai and dies.  Sadly, these things happen.  Even more sadly, something else happened in this case.



Here is the fairly dry and clinical account at EastDay:

At the peak, there were several thousand spectators.  The reporter took some notes.  The reporter noted that whenever the crowd started yelling, the woman became more distressed and unstable.  Here is the first item:

At the front of the police line, a group of female students were yakking away.  Occasionally, they yelled upwards: "Hurry up and jump!"  A middle-aged man could not help himself and said to them, "Girls, stop yelling!  If it is a family member of yours up there, you would not be yelling.  Would you?"  The girls were surprised, and did not say anything more.

Here is the second item:

Among the people who were yelling, some were doing it for no good reason.  A group of young men were laughing.  Whenever the female went near the edge, they would cheer out loud.  A blue-eyed, blonde foreigner especially stood out in the crowd because of his height.  He elatedly used his strong voice to yell out loudly in badly pronounced Chinese: "Jump down (跳下来)!"

The aforementioned acts are committed by specific individuals, and should not reflect on any race, nationality, gender, age, religion, etc.  For the record, I have not translated the acts of good consideration and kindness recorded by the reporter.  Question: what would you say to the foreigner?