A Media Non-Event in China

This is a series of events in which one has to throw up the hands and give up.  While it is great for Taiwan to have so many media channels that compete against each other for exclusive and breaking news, there are some occasions in which trust in the media is eroded because haste makes waste.

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The news about former Taiwan legislator Ju Gau-jeng being attacked and injured was first provided exclusively by our channel.  According to an eyewitness business person from Taiwan, Ju Gau-jeng was having a late-night snack with three female companions.  Then he paid the bill and exited with one of the females.  Suddenly, he was attacked and injured outside the hot-pot restaurant.  At the time, Ju's companion was screaming for help.

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Former Taiwan legislator Ju Gau-jeng was attacked with knives at a hot-pot restaurant in Xiamen (China) on May 28.

A businessman from Taiwan named Chang said that he witnessed how Ju Gau-jeng was chopped.  According to Chang, at around 4am, Ju was dining at the hot-pot restaurant.  Suddenly, two or three men charged in with knives and attacked Ju.  Although Ju tried to defend himself, he was still slashed several times and fell into a pool of blood.  Ju was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Chang said that although there were other business people from Taiwan there, they were afraid to join in.  He also said that Ju had two mainland Chinese women at his table, but then they left.

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According to Taiwan businessman Chang, Ju Gau-jeng was eating a late-night snack at around 4am in a hot-pot restaurant when three men with knives charged into the place and started to chop him.  Although Ju had some training in the martial arts, he was outnumbered and he could only pick up a chair to defend himself.  He was quickly slashed several times and fell into a pool of blood.  The crime scene had tables and chairs tossed all over the place, and blood splattered everywhere.  The police are investigating.

There was no lack of willing politicians ready to chime in with their opinions.  Whatever else, our 'victim' has learned who his friends are, as if he did not already know.

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Concerning the attack on Ju Gau-jeng, New Party chairman Yok Mu-ming said that "this was a fate determined by personality."

DPP legislator Tsai Chi-fang said, "Ju Gau-jeng has such an arrogant personality that it is a wonder that he has not been assaulted by people.  The people who assaulted him are righteous."

           Ju Gau-jeng hugging a friend in parliament

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The Criminal Investigation Bureau contacted the Chinese Border Security Department and received an "affirmative" reply.  Accordingly, Deputy Commissioner Kao Cheng-sheng met with the media at the Legislature and said publicly that "iit has been confirmed that former legislator Ju Gau-jeng was chopped in Xiamen.  As for the details and reasons, we our trying to understand through thte Stratis Exchange Foundation and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan

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Criminal Investigation Bureau Deputy Commissioner Kao Cheng-sheng: "He was definitely injured by knives last night inside a hot-pot restaurant.  As to why he was attacked or how he is, we are trying to find out through the Straits Exchange Foundation."

(Taipei Times)  

Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau Deputy Commissioner Kao Cheng-sheng said, "We are working with the Straits Exchange Foundation and trying to figure out the details of this case.  In the meantime, it is also my understanding that the Chinese police department has launched an investigation into this case as well."

When approached by reporters, Taiwanese Businessmen's Association in Xiamen chairman Wu Chin-chung said that Ju had not reported the incident to the police in Xiamen or checked into a local hospital.  "According to the local police department, Ju is still in Xiamen," Wu said. "He is only suffering from minor injuries as far as I know. The news reports in Taiwan are not quite accurate."

Fact: There are no police reports on this incident and there is no hospital admission record for this individual.

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I thank everybody for their concern.

Recently, the media reported that I was "surrounded and chopped at a hot-pot restaurant and fell into a pool of blood before being sent to the hospital".  I was astonished.

Actually, I am presently in a rural area of Fujian and it is not easy for me to maintain communication.  That was why rumors abound, and caused my relatives and friends to be worried.  I am profoundly sorry.

As for some media, including law enforcement agencies, making exaggerated statements without checking the facts first, I consider that to be very regrettable.

In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary.  Once again, I thank everybody for their concern and love.

Ju Gau-jeng, May 30, 2005.