A News Report On The Fuxin Mine Disaster

This post is not about the event itself, but it is about a particular news report.  The report had been cross-posted in the usual overseas Chinese websites, but I am going back to the source.  The report attracted my attention because it asserted that the true number of deaths is more than 3,000.  You read the report first, and my comments are underneath.  I have included the Chinese original too, just in case they delete it from their website.

(Sound of Hope Radio)  


On February 14, there was a gas explosion in a coal mine at Sunjiawan, Liaoning province in China.  According to the official Chinese report, there were 230 deaths, 6 missing and 29 injuries.  This is the single most deadly incident since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.  The authorities have ordered the media not to report the incident.  They have also sent it a large number of armed military soldiers to surround the mine and forbid people from entering and leaving.

Informed sources say that there 3,000 to 4,000 dead, but certainly at least 3,000 dead plus an unknown number of missing people.  The scene was very sad as the explosion tore everything apart.  There were very few intact bodies found.

According to information, the authorities sent Liaoning armed policemen and Beijing police to impose a curfew at Sunjiawan.  The army has also been sent in to search for bodies in the mine.

The central government sent a working group led by State Ministry Chief Secretary Hua Jianming to the scene on the day of the explosion.  According to information, the chief executive, the mine director and other responsible leaders are under arrest.  Furthermore, the workers have been ordered not to work for now, their families are banned from spreading information to the outside and the whole mine area is under a lockdown.

Informed sources say that based upon past practice, the wounded workers who have been sent to the hospital will not be allowed to live, because the living may leak information.

The medical staff on duty at the Fuxian Mining Hospital have responded to reporters' questions.

Those who went down into the mine were hired contract workers with no benefits or insurance.  The production at the mine was sub-contracted by the corporation to the mine director, who sub-contracted the job to team leaders, who then contracted downwards to get the workers.  The team leaders and other more senior people do not go into the mine themselves.  The mine workers earn about 2,000 to 3,000 RMB per month.  A team leader has a profit of several tens of thousand RMB per year, while the mine director makes more than 100 million RMB.

Based upon past experience on compensation, the families of the dead miners usually get between 5,000 to 10,000 RMB.

The officials believe that it is cheaper to compensate the families than to install safety systems.  The chief executive and the mine director have the money to buy their way out, and they will be released within a couple of days.

The mine director burns joss sticks during the Lunar New Year and the Qingming festival.

The working group from the central government has returned to Beijing.  They said that the scene was unbearable to look at.  Supposedly, they cried and they hoped that the overseas media would report on the true situation.

Credit: Tian Xi, Europe-based reporter for the Sound Of Hope Radio Network


知情人介绍说死亡大约三四千人, 至少损失三千多人, 还有不知道的, 而且场面非常凄惨, 都炸碎了, 整个尸体的很少。(采访录音)











As I read through this report, I see the figure 3,000 plus deaths.  I can't tell if it is true or false.  But I read:

Informed sources say that based upon past practice, the wounded workers who have been sent to the hospital will not be allowed to live, because the living may leak information.

Then I knew that this was utter nonsense that was pulled out of someone's a** without even thinking about the plausibilty factor.  Someone else has to be given the job of eliminating the surivivors, and who is going to eliminate them, ad infinitum?  The original incident is an industrial disaster like so many others in China, and will blow over soon.  But if it should ever come out that the Chinese government is in the habit of eliminating the disaster survivors, the impact would be orders of magnitude worse.  In fact, it is doubtful if the government can survive afterwards.  There are other absurdities in the report, but it is a waste of my time as well as yours to go any further.

The more interesting question is this: Who puts out these lies?  What is the Sound Of Hope Radio Network?  I don't know, but I will only note that this particular story was listed underneath the top story, which is a complete reprint of the latest article by F*L*G founder Li Hong*zi.  You can take it from there, and ask the next question:  Why does the blogosphere take such pleasure in going after the official Chinese media but ignore the lies that appear on the so-called 'dissident' websites?

Here is an even more interesting question:  Do you think a country (without even thinking about China) should allow such lies to be promulgated freely in what appears to be traditiional news media?  While it is common to say that the eyes of masses are bright as snow and will see through these kinds of lies, is it worth taking risk that some citizens might buy into it?  Do you think it is right for some citizens to start believing that survivors from mining disasters are automatically exterminated by their government?

Reference:  On the subject of oversesa coverage, see SimonWorld.  As for me, I don't know what is right from wrong at this time, but I do know fair is fair.  You are supposed to do your homework first before you make your allegations.  And it is not that difficult with the simple help of Google, or even Baidu.