The Four Six Mistresses of Huang Jingao

The Chinese official Huang Jingao became famous for publishing an article on the Internet detailing why he had to wear a bullet-proof vest for six years (see previous post).  This story is perhaps the most vivid of all corruption tales.

Earlier this week, Boxun reported that Huang Jingao was arrested.  This item did not appear anywhere else and the details are at best sketchy.  Here is SCMP's relay (via China Digital News).

The Boxun News Network website reported yesterday that the people who detained Mr Huang came from the provincial capital Fuzhou . It quoted Huang's relatives as saying that his wife was also missing.  Telephone calls to Mr Huang and his residence remained unanswered yesterday.  When contacted, staff at the Lianjiang Royal Hotel said they were unaware of the conference Mr Huang was scheduled to attend.

But there are brand new reports in the China-friendly Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Po with a lot more details about what is happening, and this is truly sensationalistic.  There are far too many details here to be dismissed in one sweep.

(Ta Kung Po)  "Bullet-Proof Vest" Party Secretary Is Reported To Be Under  "Double Discipline."  December 16, 2004.

Based upon informed local sources, Fujian Province Lianjiang County Part Secretary Huang Jingao was ordered yesterday to undergo "double discipline" where he has to reveal everything at a designated place by a designated time.  The problems are believed to be related to money and lifestyle.

On August 11, the People's Daily website published the letter "Lianjiang County party secretary writes to the People's Daily net: Why I had to wear a bullet-proof vest for six year."  In an instant, Huang Jingao became a national news figure.  In that letter, Huang claimed that he crossed certain people due to his anti-corruption stance and these people wanted to kill him, which is why he had to wear a bullet-proof vest.

After the letter was published, there was a huge outpouring of response across the country.  The Fujian government was shaken up.  On August 14, the Fuzhou City committee and the Fuzhou City government issued an unprecedented "10,000 word" counterattack to criticize Huang's harmful individualism.  Huang was accused of violating party discipline and his letter to the media "had a very severe negative impact."  Supposedly, the central party disciplinary committee sent a workgroup to investigate the matter.

After Huang Jingao was subject to "double discipline," local people in Fuzhou joked: Huang Jingao billed himself as an "anti-corruption hero" but he was actually constructing a not-so-pretty "bullet-proof vest" to cover up his own corruption.

According to the source, Huang was subject to "double discipline" for corruption, bribery and bad lifestyle. The unconfirmed news is that in the so-called corruption case (the "Land" case) cited by Huang, the project and the land had been given to a company by proper procedure.  When Huang took charge, he 'exposed' the corruption in the engineering project and the land deal in order to turn over the deal to another company which offered him certain considerations.

Our reporter also learned that a close "associate" of Huang Jingao at a Fuzhou media organization was also subject to "double discipline" this afternoon.  It was reported that this person was the one who was the ghostwriter for the famous <<Why I had to wear a bullet-proof vest for six years>>.  It was also reported that this individual was being subjected to "double discipline," because his wife had gotten many construction projects from Huang for which Huang had received lots of money as well as the "bullet-proof" article from him.

Previously, when the <<Why I had to wear a bullet-proof vest for six years>> article caused Huang's reputation to soar, many Fuzhou citizens who knew about him thought this was hilarious.  A certain cadre who had worked with Huang for many years publicly told the media; "I'll believe anyone else fighting corruption.  But I will never ever believe that Huang Jingao is a anti-corruption hero."  Supposedly, Huang Jingao had made more than one hundred thousand yuan in an engineering project while he was the Deputy District leader of Jingan District in Fuzhou City.  When the disciplinary department confronted him, he got away by changing the "corruption money" into a "loan."

Huang Jingao was famous for being a lecher.  It was reported that when he was the manager of the Qinghua Hotel for the Putian Local Committee, he had gotten a service girl pregnant and he wanted to divorce his wife.  His wife took their child and knelt down in front of the Qinghua Hotel to beg him.  This incident was known to just about everyone in Putian City.  In the end, Huang gave his wife a large sum of money and got his wish.  At the moment, Huang is living with his second wife and the son borne by the first wife.  

Huang is also reported to be a frequent patron of a hotel on May 4th Road in Fuzhou.  In mid-August, after the CCTV program <<Today's Talk>> featured "anti-corruption hero Huang Jingao," the girls at the hotel were laughing: So this guy who asks for girls after he gets a few too many drinks is a county party secretary as well as a "hero"!

The antagonism between Huang Jingao and the Fuzhou City committee burst into the public eye in mid-August.  Some people are wondering if Huang Jingao is being subject to "double discipline" as retaliation.  But even more people believe that this matter is a "public" case that will be scrutinized by the media and the central government, and the local government would not dare to retaliate against such a publicly sensitive person without a sound basis.

(Ta Kung Po)  Huang Jingao's "Rival" Has Also Been Suspended.  December 18, 2004.

Yesterday, we reported that the "Bullet Proof Party Secretary" (former Lianjiang County party secretary Huang Jingao) was reportedly being subject to "double discipline."  Today, there are more news about his four mistresses and frequent patronage of prostitutes.  According to reports, his current wife is also being subject to "double discipline" on economic charges and another entrepreneur who has frequently paid Huang off has been arrested on bribery charges.  

Huang Jingao's predecessor as Lianjiang County party secretary was Yu Fengyu.  He is the current head of the Fuzhou City Agricultural Department and has just been suspended for economic problems as well.  In the "Land" case that Huang Jingao cited in this letter to the People's Daily net, he accused Yu Fengyun of assigning a huge contract to a Fuqing compatriot.  According to reports, all business people who have connections to either Huang Jingao or Yu Fengyun are fleeing the area.

After the news that "Bullet-proof Vest Party Secretary" Huang Jingao was being subject to "double discipline," rumors about his lechery began to whirl around.  Supposedly, from the time when he lived with this first wife through his second marriage and up to his current disciplinary problem, he was keeping four mistresses.  Huang bought an apartment for each mistress and he sleeps around by rotation.

Because Huang particularly favors Number 4, he arranges to spend extra time with her beyond the one night scheduled each week.  This caused the three other mistresses to gang up on Number 4.  Still, Huang kept taking Number Four out.  Even when Huang Jingao was sent to learn about The Three Representatives at the Beijing Central Party School, Number Four still flew over to Beijing to meet Huang at the hotel.  When the other three found out, they all wanted to come to Beijing as well.  Huang was concerned that any mishap in Beijing would damage his career, so he asked a business associate to compensate Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3 with large payments.

Beyond keeping mistresses, Huang Jingao also frequently patronized prostitutes.  He is famous for his lechery among Putian officials in Fuzhou City.  Huang is also reputed to have long-term rooms set aside for him in several Lianjiang County hotels, and sometimes kept prostitutes there.

After Huang Jingao became an "anti-corruption hero," he told media interviewers that his favorite pastime was to chat with citizens.  When some Lianjiang cadres and Fuzhou City Finance Committee cadres heard about that, they laughed: "His favorite pastime is to chat with young and pretty female citizens."

Since Huang Jingao kept many love nests, he did not have time to look after his wife so he gave her lots of money to shut her up.  No matter when he was the Deputy Leader in Jingan District, or the head of the Fuzhou City Finance Committee or the Lianjiang County party secretary, he assigned certain projects for his wife to distribute to those business people who were willing to offer her money.

Lots of people know that Huang Jingao's wife is rich.  She spends money loose and fast, but she also knows how to play-act.  Some people say that can she go to a five-star hotel to have a abalone banquet, and then go to the market to buy some green vegetables to take home.  She would even take a long detour and tell people: "Clean officials can only afford to eat green vegetables."  She was arrested this time with her husband for "economic problems."  The rumor is that she was also involved with her husband in selling official job positions for money, and the Huang family has a government apartment as well as six up-scale apartments in Fuzhou City.

People say, if Huang Jingao is not corrupt, where would he get the money to have four mistresses and six apartments.

(Wenweipo)  "Bullet-proof vest" Party Secretary Subject to "Double Discipline."  December 18, 2004.

Fujian Province Lianjiang County party secretary Huang Jingao has been formally asked by the the discplinary department to explain everything at a designated place at a designated time about matters including his receiving of more than 600,000 yuan in bribes.

Upon information, the relevant departments have been investigating Wang Jingao for more than two years during the time when he was the Lianjiang County party secretary.  He supposedly used his official postiion to extort bribes of more than 600,000 yuan.  At the same time, he used his authority to transfer or promote personnel to take sexual advantage of three young females.  Further investigations are being conducted on denunciations about Huang Jingao using his authority as the Fuzhou City Finance Committee director to extort various financial and commercial enterprises.

On August 11, Huang Jingao wrote a letter to the People's Daily net to describe how his life had been threatened because he was against corruption, that he had to wear a bullet-proof vest for six years and that he was finally forced to go public to seek help.  Thus, Huang Jingao got the title of the "Bullet-proof vest part secretary."

But the information is that Huang Jinggao wrote to the People's Daily net because his problems about bribery and sexually abuse of young females have been reported, and he wanted to muddy the waters by writing to the People's Daily net in order to take on the mantle of "anti-corruption warrior" to escape responsibility.

Indeed, this is wild and woolly.  Could this be true?  Well, I am just a blogger sitting out in Hong Kong and there is no way for me to tell.  I sit here and I read news reports, some of which I can see are patently false, some seem believable and some are less certain.  What about this one?  

This story may be a propaganda piece used by the government as retaliation against Huang Jingao.  As I say, I have no way of telling.  I will note that there are far too many details here than necessary.  If there are four mistresses living in four apartments that Huang purchased and frequented, then they can be traced and the details can be verified.  When that time comes, if this is a hoax, then this may become one of the biggest propaganda failures ever.  In the meantime, this campaign is being presented here as is, just so you don't get it filtered by someone else.

It is also possible that Huang Jingao is indeed a corrupt official who manipulated the media.  One would need to ask if someone with so many potential trouble spots in his life would want to go public and risk being uncovered.  Well, stranger things have happened this week with the nomination of Bernard Kerik as the Secretary of Homeland Security.  It turned out that Kerik had many more skeletons in the closet than even the Huang situation described above.  So who is to know?  What is for sure that this is just the beginning.

(SCMP via Asia Pacific Media Network)  Communist Party chief accused extra-marital affairs and abuse of power, pushed into spotlight by dailies.  February 7, 2005.

The "anti-corruption hero" Communist Party chief of Lianjiang county in Fujian province has allegedly taken 2 million yuan in bribes and failed to account for the source of 6 million yuan in his possession.

The allegations were the latest made in a report by the Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao yesterday, which also accused Huang Jingao of having six mistresses in addition to maintaining relationships with his wife and ex-wife at the same time.

Mr Huang burst into the national spotlight in August thanks to a letter to the online edition of the People's Daily. The former farmer wrote that he had been forced to wear a bulletproof vest for six years after receiving 26 death threats because of his unrelenting battle against corruption.

In December, he was taken by unidentified people from the county's Lianjiang Royal Hotel, where he had been scheduled to attend a meeting.

In a full-page report yesterday, Ta Kung Pao accused Mr Huang of abusing his power.

In one instance, Mr Huang was said to have granted a contract for the expansion of Lianjiang No1 Secondary School to one of his mistresses who was jobless and did not have the backing of any construction firm. His mistress then sold the contract to another contractor at much higher price.

The paper said Mr Huang split the profit with his mistress, pocketing 80 per cent of the proceeds himself.

It said that even after he sent his letter to the People's Daily, Mr Huang continued to take bribes. He did it several times a day on occasion. The highest single bribe he took was 300,000 yuan.

It claimed that Mr Huang had sent the letter to the People's Daily as part of a pre-emptive strike against corruption allegations that arose early last year.

According to the paper, the Fuzhou disciplinary commission received a large number of reports against Mr Huang's corruption and his "decadent lifestyle".

Mr Huang had first attempted to arrange for the publication of a similar article in a Guangzhou magazine. But the magazine withheld the article after learning about the "true circumstances" about him, according to Ta Kung Pao.

The report said Mr Huang kept seven mobile phones to communicate with his six mistresses, including the wife of the journalist, surnamed Li, who penned the People's Daily article from him.

Mr Huang had planned the article to be published on August 12, the day when he was scheduled to depart for Taiwan for a visit. If the situation was not in his favour, Mr Huang planned to seek political refuge outside the mainland.

But the People's Daily published it a day earlier without informing Mr Huang, thus disrupting his plan, Ta Kung Pao said.

It said Li was also detained for investigation, while his wife had disappeared with all the family savings.

(Ta Kung Pao)  The truth about the "bullet-proof vest secretary".  February 6, 2005.


The "bullet-proof vest secretary" Huang Jingao was subject to "double discipline" by the Disciplinary Department on December 15, a full fifty days ago.  Just as we said when he published the news that Huang Jingao was being subject to the "double discipline": if Huang Jingao was completely innocent, his superiors would not care to fake an entire story to hammer such a politically sensitive person.  According to information, as of now, the Disciplinary Department has uncovered among his possessions more than 2 million RMB that were traceable to bribery, with another 600 million RMB from sources yet to be established.  About his personal life, he is now said to have six mistresses, including a female petitioner who had sought his help.

In order to gather political capital, Huang Jingao not only spent a lot of public money for the press to sing his praises.  He also spent 200,000 RMB to hire a fake reporter named Chen to make a documentary titled: "A good people's official Huang Jingao" and distributed the compact disk inside and outside of China.  He also spent 300,000 RMB to ask a Beijing taxicab driver to come up with a forged document of support from the central government leadership.  Even as the fakery of the document by a certain central government leader was covered, all the other layers of corrupt acts that Huang Jingao perpetrated under the cover of combating corruption were being peeled off.

After Huang Jingao took charge in Lianjiang county, he had four main ways for corruption: first, land lease approval; second, selling official positions; third, construction project contracts; four, government favors in exchange for business payoffs.  Logically, land leases and construction contracts are not connected with the county party secretary.  However, Huang Jingao grabbed so much power that only his words mattered.  If he wanted to give a parcel of land to Person A, then it would not matter how much Person B bid.  If someone says that Person B is offering a higher price that will benefit the nation, Huang would say that you are corrupt and you want to give away national property.  A dissatisfied person said: when someone offers 1 million RMB for a hectare of land, Huang says it would be corrupt to sell it; then he turns out and sell the land for 300,000 RMB but he calls it protecting national property.  That is laughable!

When Number One Secondary School in Lianjiang county underwent expansion, Huang Jingao awarded the project to one of his mistresses.  This mistress is an unemployed idler who does not have a construction company and has never had anything to do with construction.  But Huang Jingao gave her the entire project but she turned around and subcontracted the project to someone else.  Huang and the mistress divided the profits on an 80%-20% ratio.

Lianjiang is on the seaside, and the village enterprises are well developed.  Any business person who is willing to give money to Huang Jingao can get his support with respect to taxes, government subsidies, low interest government loans or even no-interest loans.  Huang also has a rate card for the positions on the Political Consultative Committees and the National People's Congress representatives.

In just three years at Lianjiang, Huang Jingao has collected more than 2 million RMB in known bribes, and there is another 6 million whose origins are unknown so far.  Even between the time when Huang Jingao submitted the article to the People's Daily net on August 11 to the date when he was subject to the "double discipline" on December 15, Huang Jingao did not pause in extracting bribes, sometimes several times a day with one sum being as high as 300,000 RMB.

After Huang Jingao was subjected to the "double discipline", his bad history was revealed gradually.  There is now a popular saying about Huang Jingao.  The first couplet says that even though his hair is growing thin, he still enjoys women.  Sometimes, after a tryst with a mistress, he would head directly to visit a prostitute.  The second couplet says that even though Huang is more than 50 years old and quite skinny, he has the physical prowess to handle his wife, his six mistresses as well as the occasional prostitutes.

When Huang Jingao was subject to the "double discipline", his six mistresses and patronage of prostitutes were uncovered.  The most "informative" person was Huang himself, because he had the habit of recording all the details of each encounter with each of the mistresses.  Furthermore, he also recorded those encounters on his desk calendar in his office as well as his personal calendar, including the name of female and the time.  Therefore, the Disciplinary Department did not have to spend a lot of time tracking the details down.

According to informed sources, Huang's notes were even filthier than the pornographic books that street hawkers try to peddle.  A Lianjiang cadre said: "Huang Jingao spent so much time each day with these women, and then he wrote all these sex diaries.  Where does he find the time and energy to study and work?  Huang Jingao is often out of the office because he said that he wanted to get in touch with the people at the base.  It turns out that he wanted to get in touch with some special females among the masses."

Based upon what has been established so far, Huang continued to maintain a liaison with his first wife while being married to his second wife, and he also kept six mistresses.

According to the special investigation team: in Lianjiang, a young female went to see Huang Jingao to file a complaint and beg him to render justice in her case.  But she did not imagine that Huang Jingao would take advantage of her right there in the office.  To solve her problem, this female petitioner let Huang get his way, and became his mistress.  Based upon her female intuition, she thought that Huang might have some other mistresses.  After the case broken open, this female petitioner found out that the other mistresses received either an apartment, or lots of cash, or construction projects from Huang, whereas she alone thought that Huang was a clean official and therefore never even demanded one cent or received a single gift from him.  After she found out about the truth, she cursed Huang for being a liar, and revealed when Huang was with her, he said that he did not have a cent beyond his wages and that he resisted the temptation of money to stay clean, making her really feel that he was a righteous official.

Huang had many mistresses, so he had seven mobile telephones in order to make sure that he did not get confused.  One mobile phone was for regular business, while the other six were used to communicate with the respective mistresses.  This way, no matter which mistress called, Huang Jingao could immediately know who it was without fear of error.  Moreover, Huang Jingao had developed secret codes with the mistresses.  For example, if he were going to visit Mistress A, he would say that he was coming to the 'bookstore'; if they are going to meet at a designated hotel, he would say "library."  This way, Huang Jingao could take calls in a room full of other officials with these secret codes.

Among Huang's six mistresses are a married woman, a female subordinate, the wife of a subordinate and he even 'collected' the widow of a cadre who died in the line of duty.  The most incredible one was that the wife of the newspaper reporter was the ghostwriter for his 'famous' Internet article had been his mistress for more than ten years.

It is an established fact that Huang Jingao's open letter to the People's Daily Net was written by a newspaper reporter named Lee who worked at a local newspaper.  The wife of Mr. Lee graduated from elementary school in the countryside and came to work as a service worker at a Fouzhou hotel.  She met Huang Jingao when she was seventeen, and became his mistress.  The unthinkable fact was that Mrs. Lee not only introduced her husband to Huang Jingao but she persuaded her husband to be Huang's ghostwriter.  As reward, Huang assigned her the contract of a construction project which she sub-contracted her for a huge profit.  Furthermore, Mrs. Lee's peasant brother became a cadre at the Lianjiang Television Bureau without having to take any test.

On the day after Huang Jingao was subject to the "double discipline," the reporter Lee was also detained.  Mrs. Lee was well aware that she had a serious problem and was therefore well-prepared.  She took all the family cash and promptly disappeared.  According to our source, the reporter Lee did not believe that his wife would cheat on him.  But when he saw the entire love history of his wife over more than 10 years described in detail in the diaries of Huang Jingao, he finally understood and began to cry.  He regretted that he was a cuckold who actually worked on behalf of the "cuckold"-maker himself.  After the scandal over Mr. Lee was revealed in the local area, people labeled him the "stupidest reporter in China."













(VOA)  What does the case of the Fujian "bullet-proof vest secretary say".  By Li Ya.  February 11, 2005.


Huang Jingao, the Fujian province Fuzhou city Lianjiang county party secretary who was regarded as an anti-corruption hero has been suspended from duty while being invesigated.  A report said that the disciplinary department has found that the "bullet-proof vest secretary" not only had serious financial problems, but his personal life was messy.  Although the truth about the case of Huang Jingao is still unclear, analysts have said that there was clearly a divergence in the effects in the local Fujian area versus outside, and this reflects the different forces.

Last August 11, Huang Jingao published an open letter titled "Why I Wore A Bullet-Proof Vest For Six Years" on the People's Net which belongs to the CCP party organ People's Daily.  He became an instantaneous news figure, and took third place in Asia Week's Important People of 2004.  But the latest developments have caused him to become the most embarrassing figure in Phoenix Weekly.

According to the reports, Huang was subject to the "double discipline" on December 15, meaning that he had to explain his problems at a designated time and place.  On February 6, Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao published a full article on the truth about the case of the "bullet-proof vest secretary."  The article said: "According to information, to date, the disciplinary department has found out that Hunag received more than 2 million RMB in bribes, with another 600 million plus from unknown sources.  In his personal life, he has six mistresses, one of whom was a female petitioner who came to complain to her."

Since the Fujian authorities refuse to answer inquiries from the media, the news on Huang Jingao are quite unclear.  Even the question of whether he has been subjected to the "double discipline" is unknown.  The Phoenix Weekly quotes a Lianjiang official who said that Huang had not been subjected to the "double discipline"; rather, he has been suspended from duty while being investigated, and he is being interviewed by the discipilnary committee.

An independent political critic Wang Guangze is a former 21st Century Economic Report reporter who is familiar with the Huang Jingao case.  Wang said that since the truth of the Huang case has not been disclosed, the whole matter is still a mystery and it is premature to assess the case.  But he said that it was clear that the effect of this case is different locally than outside.

Wang said: "Locally, he may have been oppressed by the bureaucratic organizations.  So whether it is the local opinion or the bureacratic reaction, they are very different from outside the local area.  From this, we can see that the provincial/city government and the central government may have different assessments of the Huang Jingao case.  There may be some movement in between."

Wang said: Outside of Fujian, people seemed to look at Huang Jingao more positively.  The civil opinion in Fujian is also relatively more positive.  But from the relevant media reports, the official Fujian response has been quite negative.  What does this mean?  This means that they have different standards of evaluation.  Furthermore, there must be factors related to interests."

Wang's instinct is that Huang Jingao is a good local official.

Quite a few westerner opine that Huang Jingao's experience show the price that is paid for speaking the truth in China and the difficulty in fighting corruption.  Some people feel that he was falsely prosecuted by the local authorities.  But according to Ta Kung Pao, Huang Jingao used a local news reporter to write the open letter to create an image of an anti-corruption hero for himself in order to get public opinion on his side, so that when the Fuzhou disciplinary committee comes after him, it would be retaliation and therefore offend the public sentiment.

According to Wen Yang, who is the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Vanguard News in New Zealand, most of the public are limited in knowledge and understanding, so that there is a serious information imbalance here.  The basic evaluation about the Huang Jingao is taht we cannot know the truth of the case.  But he believes that to say that Huang's case is about retaliation is too simplistic.

Wen Yang said: "If only some of the authorities wanted to go after Huang Jingao, I don't feel that they would try something so naive and crude.  To put it simply, it would be too easy for someone else to see through it.  I am afraid that there are a lot of other circumstances that we won't understand."

Wen Yang said that when Huang Jingao decided to use public opinion to shield himself, he had actually started something that he cannot easily control, because his opponents can mobilize public opinion to create an image that is opposite to what Huang created.  He felt that this was an expected development.

But, independent political analyst Wang Guangze belives that Huang Jingao cannot be criticized for attending to publicize the truth when news is being blocked and public opinion is unfavorable.  He thinks that this was not fakery, but it was probably forced by circumstance.  But Wang also admitted that Huang Jingao's actions had made the bureaucratic struggle an open matter, and this is against the traditional rules of the game among Chinese officials.  This is the reason why he is unpopular among Fujian officials.

(China Elections and Governance)  Investigation of Huang Jin'gao surrounded in secrecy.  By Manfred Elfstrom.  February 21, 2005.