The Verdict On Alex Ho

It was two weeks ago that the case of Alex Ho broke open.  You will remember that he was the Hong Kong Democratic Party candidate for the Legislative Council who was caught patronizing a prostitute on mainland China (see post).  At this time, he is under re-education detention in Dongguan, but he is still eligible for the election on September 12, 2004.

Alex Ho was the third name in a Democratic Party ticket.  There are three options opened to the Democratic Party with respect to Alex Ho.

However, the reality of the polling numbers may have finally sunk in.  According to the rolling Hong Kong University POP poll, here are the support numbers for the Fred Li list:

In a recent campaign stop, Fred Li was embarrassed by a group of school children who wanted to know if he patronized prostitutes.  More generally, the Democrat Party candidates everywhere have been heckled in public appearances as The Party That Patronizes Prostitutes (叫 雞 黨 ).

So a decision has been made.  Fred Li has admitted outright that keeping Alex Ho on the list makes the election campaign extremely difficult.  Therefore, the Democratic Party will spend the extra money to print a brand new set of campaign materials (fliers, posters and banners) in which the name and image of Alex Ho is removed.  Option #2 is now the order of the day.  This is now the time for the armchair critics to do their hindsight analyses.