Somewhere on the internet, I have published more than 7,000 photographs.  Yes, I plead guilty to proliferation.  But the Internet has not punished me for the crime because digital photos don't cost anything (other than the camera) and web storage space is cheap.  Given this volume, it is fair to say that I have very lax standards as I am more attached to sentiments than aesthetic beauty.  So I am also guilty of environmental pollution.

Among my favorite photo shots are cityscapes taken through airplane windows.  On my recent trip to Chile, I was unable to locate Santiago due to dense ground fog.  You'll have to trust me when I say that Santiago is somewhere in this photo.  But isn't this just as lovely?

Santiago de Chile, May 2003

On my way back to New York City, I caught this picture of Manhattan island.  As lovely as this picture is (note: the full unreduced version is much nicer), I will never be happy ...

... and that is because I took a the picture below of this cityscape in 2000 from the Staten Island ferry.  Every time I look at this city now, it is this other picture that comes to mind.