The Dongying Mass Incident

(Chinapic)  Dongying (Shandong): Two hundred criminal elements committed assault and property destruction.  August 8, 2009.  [Within minutes after this post was made, the original Chinese-language post was 'disappeared.']

It all began with a food market in Chenjiazhuang town.  At first, the government gave the property owners a 40-year-lease on the land right across the Lijin Number Two Middle School.  This long-term arrangement encouraged the property owners to borrow money to build this first main street, Maoyuan Street, in Chenjiazhuang.

About six or seven years ago, a real estate developer built an estate of houses that included another market area.  However, the location was faraway and therefore nobody bought any of the shop space over there.  Besides, the population of Chenjiazhuang really could not sustain two different markets.  More recently, the government began to force the vendors in the original market to move into the new market.  Obviously, they don't want to move.  So this became a point of contention.

During a two hour period from midnight on August 8, almost two hundred criminal elements dressed in camouflage clothing charged into Maoyuan Street.  They assaulted everybody that they came across.  They vandalized every vehicle that they saw.  They opened up with guns to intimidate everybody.  They brought along large bulldozers to tear up the street.  In under one hour, what used to be an orderly street because an unrecognizable disaster area.

During the assault, the police emergency telephone number (110) did not work.  People called repeatedly but nobody picked up the telephone.  The injured citizens laid on the ground in pools of blood after being assaulted with shovels and poles, but the thugs would not let anyone help them.

Here are the photos from the scene:

"Chenzhuang party secretary Wang Naiquan and deputy mayor Yang Xiaohua colluded with criminal elements to oppress the people!
They vandalized vehicles, injured people, and destroyed the road in the August 8 bloody incident."