An Investigative Report about The Incest Story

In From Famine To Excess, a complaint was launched against the mainstream media for picking up an Internet story and then investigate and publish the story about the blogger, such that the action may be construed as an aggressive and dangerous protection of privacy.  The following is a spoof of a mainstream investigation of a mainland Chinese blogger.

Here is the original story that appeared about a month ago:

(Chengdu Commercial News via  

The following cosmetic advertisement appeared on CCTV 6.  Actress Jiang Wenli (
蒋雯丽) played a mother with a lovely five-year-old son.

Son: Mom, when I grow up, I want to marry you.

Mom: What?

Son: I want to marry you.

Mom: What about dad?

Son: When I grow up, dad will be old.  (The two embrace each other happily)  Mom will never get old! (voice over: Brand X cosmetics will keep mom forever young)

This ad caused some netizens to accuse it of promoting incest.  When Jiang Wenli was interviewed, she said: "Actually children don't know what is 'marriage' or its real meaning.  When I read the creative idea, I thought is was good.  My son is 5 years old and when adults tease him: What kind of girlfriend do you want when you grow up, he says that he wants to marry his mother.  If you ask him further about what is marriage, he does not know.  This ad wants to communicate a certain kind of mother-son love, so I hope that netfriends can be a bit more tolerant."

Relevant Link蒋雯丽"乱伦广告"  YouTube

This led to an investigative report on the individual who made the initial charge about incest.  This may fall under the category of: "If you don't like the message, you shoot the messenger."  The item below appears as a report by something called "New Investigative Weekly."  This is written as a spoof for this case, but there is obviously nothing to stop a real media outlet to do exactly this and much better too.

(New Investigative Weekly via Tianya Club)  October 31, 2006.

Thursday, October 5, 2006 was the fifth day of the national long holiday week.  This was the season of the golden autumn with clear blue skies and the people of China were immersed in the holiday festivities.  At 14:26 that afternoon, a forum post titled "Bombarding Jiang Wenli -- the cosmetic advertisements is suspeced of 'incest' by a netizen with alias 落雪是花 ("Falling Snow Is Flower") at the Tianya Club forum.  The essay began in an understated manner before going full blast.  The author begins by playing the role of a veteran fan of actress Jiang Wenli who knew her background and praised her looks.  If you just read the opening, you might assume that it was a love letter from a fan to her favorite actress.  But as the essay progresses, any sense of praise fades and a sense of agression creeps in.  At the end, all pretensions are removed and the true viciousness shows itself: "If I were a prent, I would never ever let my child to watch such an ad or listen to such a voice.  Children are pure and they do not yet know the true meaning of mariage.  But the child in the ad obviously knows the meaning only too well.  In order to purify the television screens and to provide a pure and innocent television space for children, I would advise Jiang Wenli not to accept this kind of money.

Through this moral sounding question and the holier-than-thou sounding judgment, the writer has made himself the paragon of moral education and judge.  He has decided that Jiang Wenli's ad is about incest and it is harmful towards children.


Now that we have covered the event itself, we will now discuss what New Investigative Weekly Magazine has found out about the individual who instigated the incident -- "Falling Snow is Flower."

Gender: Male
Province: Zhejiang
Highest edcucational level :University|
Marital status: Married
Industry/occupation: News media
Number of times visited forum: 736
Registration date: 9/25/2005 19:21:00
Latest visit: 10/31/2006 12:20:00
Number of posts: 235
Number of replies: 1,800
Points received: 7,484
Personal blog:
Personal hobbies: Travel, music, reading, chatting, sports ...
Favorite saying: Intelligence can change my destiny; creativity can bring me wealth; I like excitement and challenge!
my heart; the journey is only as far as my ideas.  When other people smile, I am happy; When other people are depressed, I am sad.

Based upon our secret investigation, the above information basically corresponds to the actual situation.  We can confirm that this is a male reporter with Wenzhou Radio.

What did "Falling Snow is Flower" write about?  Here are some of the titles:

10/30: Jiang Qinqin explains: When is a woman the happiest
10/30: Jiang Qinqin: You are the happiest woman
10/30: Wenzhou rich woman has one-night stand with male met via Internet chat, and was blackmailed out of several tens of thousand RMB
10/30: Ouyang Xiadan elected among top 10 CCTV hosts -- an admirable choice!
10/29: An accidental marriage advertisement turned her into the wife of a multi-millionaire
10/28: A lovely woman becomes the wife of a multi-millionaire
10/26: Zhang Ziyi's face, Cecilia Chengu's eyebrows, Fan Bingbing's eyes ... are these the standards of a pretty girl?
10/25: Can pretty Chinese girls by mass produced?
10/24: Unable to afford a BMW, the bride's dead and the bridegroom's uncle came to blows at the wedding banquet
10/23: I could not guess this word puzzle and so I lost 400 RMB to the KTV girls.  Can netizens help me?
10/19: The inside secrets about why I wrote the forum posts on the "incest" ad of Jiang Wenli
10/19: In this life, I will never make up the love debt that I owe this woman
10/19: The woman that I did the most wrong to in my life
10/19: Can she endure the mistakes of her husband?
10/16: The newborn baby has syphillis -- can she forgive her husband?
10/9: What is the most embarrassing thing in the supermarket for a man?
10/9: Is it really true that you can only talk with the unviersity chat-girls?
10/3: If a girl dresses sexy, then is she necessarily a slut?
10/3: The ideal lover in my heart
10/3: After 25 minutes in a massage parlor, the girls laughed at me: "Useless man!"

This person appears to be gentle and refined, but he is actually showly.  His essays are mostly about covert release of emotions and sexual repression.  We can see that his interest and focus are not about women in general.  He is interested in prostitutes, masseuses and chat-girls.  Although it is understandable if he was doing undercover news gathering about social life, it is still loathesome to write so irresponsibly.

Here is even more good stuff:

10/31: Why do men like to caress women's breasts?
10/25: Although you are not my girlfriend, you will be the greatest love of my life!
10/17: When she opened the door, she was stunned -- her husband and her younger sister were stark naked on the bed
9/27: I want to ask the girls: How do you deal with sexual harrassment via mobile phone?
9/25: Do you know how lustful buddist monks can be?  Check this out.
9/23: Guys, watch out for the pretty girls in QQ -- they can rip you off easily!
9/11: My most beloved person is bi-sexual.  What can I do?
7/9: The best way to test if your girlfirend only loves you

You can see what a man obsessed with Internet forums does and writes about.  In terms of the simplest psychiatric analysis, this is sexual repression.  The inevitable consequence of sexual repression is abnormal behavior, and that is why the repressed secret lover was incensed at the mother-child love.

Here are New Investigative Weekly's conclusions and judicial recommendations: through the intensive investigative efforts of several reporters in cooperation with the relevant departments, we are able to provide the most extensive and detailed investigative report for the masses of readers.  In reflection, we learned that celebrity entertainers are people to and they need the audieces to be understanding and supportive.  Also, sexual repression among young people is a social problem that cannot be ignored and its consequences are regrettable.

Fortunately, China has a legal system.  This incident has seriously disrupted the personal life of Ms. Jiang Wenli and caused irreparable damage to her family life.  As a next step, we recommend Ms. Jiang take the legal stops to protect her reputation.  We recommend Ms. Jiang to first complain to the Beijing City public security bureau cultural artefacts protection squad.  Then she should file a lawsuit at the Number One Intermediate People's Court in Bejing City.  Simultaneously, she should filed a complaint with the Wenzhou City public security bureau cultural artefacts protection squad and file a lawsuit with the Intermediate People's Court in Wenzhou City.  Concurrently, she should demand that the Wenzhou City Broadcast and Telecommunication Department and Wenzhou Television/Radio to investigate "Falling Snow is Flower."  Finally we recommend the courts to freeze all assets of "Falling Snow is Flower" in order to render justice to Ms. Jiang and the people.