The Streets of Caracas - Part 2

On Saturday, the Venezuela opposition continued their street party in Caracas (see previous post for Thursday's party).  Two more deaths occurred (

In Los Cortijos, a middle-class neighborhood in eastern Caracas, a driver frustrated by the road blockade in the area, was attacked by rioters with bottles and sticks. The driver responded by firing shots, killing 28-years old bystander Nercy Rodriguez.

In La Urbina, another middle-class neighborhood in eastern Caracas, a neighbor was killed by anti-Chavez demonstrators after he complained about the roadblocks.

Last night, a recent recording (see of opposition leaders listing new plans to generate chaos, was broadcast during a talk show in the state TV station Venezolana de Television. The Chavez opponents celebrated the clashes with National Guard troops and claimed that they managed to sabotage the G-15 Summit. The anti-Chavez leaders also claimed that liquor will be distributed during other anti-Chavez demonstrations in order to get people "charged-up".

"People are still too passive," said anti-Chavez leader Ricardo Koseling, one of the persons featured in the recordings, who complained that protesters didn't go far enough during their confrontation with National Guard troops. Koseling, who commanded a group of protestors that tried to break the security perimeter, said that weapons ought to be distributed to opposition demonstrators, and that some shots should be fired at National Guard troops.

Here are the quotes from leading opposition presidential candidates: